Banham Poultry

Banham Poultry, based in Norfolk, produces the best quality chicken that you can find in the area. Their long-standing heritage has allowed them to become one of the largest companies in the region.

Banham Poultry approached Genesis following numerous “bad experiences” with their former lift engineering services supplier.

Their main goods lift (imperative to production) was in a bad way and needed a lot of love. We set to work, creating a bespoke, phased plan of repair with the goal focusing heavily on increasing reliability and safety and the rest is history!

Breakdowns have reduced significantly and life for site staff is a lot easier now they know they have a lift they can rely on with the backup of our expert team of knowledgeable and enthused engineers.


Is your company in need of lift servicing in East Anglia? We have worked with many companies across Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, and parts of Essex and Lincolnshire, and are proud to have assisted so many.

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