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Lift upgrades, modernisation, new installation and lift maintenance – Frequently Asked Questions

Your passenger lift or goods lift will no doubt one of the largest, if not the largest, appliances in your
business premises or your home. With that in mind, it’s likely that you would associate an
installation or maintenance with disruption and the root cause of a lot of hassle for you.

We’ve heard it a lot as lift engineers. “I don’t have the time to have it modernised, updated, checked
or replaced. It will cause too much hassle.” Perhaps you’ve had a bad experience in the past or
you’re unsure of the what’s involved. However, lift modernisation, installation and lift maintenance
doesn’t have to cause your business or life to be put on hold. We offer a complete solution, from
start to finish with the focus being on communication regarding the works.

Here we answer the most commonly asked questions.

What level of disruption can I expect during lift modernisation or new lift installation?

Depending on the work load undertaken a small amount of disruption is to be expected however can
be minimised by forward planning. The long term benefits throughout your premises will be
unmatched. Our team of expert engineers work quickly and efficiently to ensure you get back to
normal as soon possible whilst keeping disruption to a minimum.

Will I need regular follow up maintenance after the modernisation or new installation?

Put simply, yes. This is important for maintaining the health of your lift and to stop any kinds of
issues arising that would disrupt your business or your home further. Maintenance checks can be
scheduled and performed at a time that suits you and providing there are no issues, shouldn’t take
more than an hour or two. As the new equipment “beds in” and starts to wear, additional checks are
required and adjustments will be made if necessary.

What does a maintenance visit involve?

One of our expert team will visit you where the lift is installed and perform checklist tasks to ensure
the health of your lift in top condition. There are many individual components that together make a
lift work. These checks include their performing correctly, are within their tolerance for wear and
tear and allows any potential defects to be addressed pro-actively, rather than attending a
shutdown lift and picking up the pieces. This approach allows us to keep your lift moving up and
down for years to come.

How will I know what kind of lift I need and if I have the space to install it?

We always conduct an initial site survey visit which allows us to meet yourself as a customer, get to
know your business and how it operates, understand the key role the lift plays in your daily activities
and to understand technically what is required. We can then determine any space issues, the
logistics of the installation, routes to load and unload parts and components (to ensure minimal
disruption), hours of access and so on. We assess the entire set up and advise you on the best
solution for your requirements so that a mutually agreeable plan can be put forward.

How long should I keep the lift that you modernise or install?

With effective maintenance from us to ensure that the lift continues to meet all of the health and
safety requirements needed, it’s possible to expect decades of faithful service. There are however
numerous variables to the amount of use the lift receives, the type of use it receives, if it is used
correctly by your passengers and of course if it is looked after correctly. We aim to keep your lift in
operation for as long as possible or until it no longer meets your requirements.

Do you offer ongoing support?

Yes, all customers with existing service agreements benefit from the provision of our 24/7 365
emergency breakdown call out service. We can act as a one-stop point of contact any of your lift
related queries. We want to ensure our customers feel like they can call us whenever they need us!


What standard tasks do our Lift Servicing contracts include?

  • 24/7 emergency breakdown and service helpdesk
  • Comprehensive risk assessments and method statements (RAMS)
  • Lift condition reports (upon request)
  • Insurance report and LOLER item rectification (upon receipt)
  • Inspection, lubricating, cleaning and adjusting all moving parts to ensure smooth operation and optimum performance
  • Pre-planned maintenance programme specific to the equipment and frequency of use
  • Lift equipment log card and records kept up to date
  • Efficient breakdown and repair service provisioned

OK, I’m interested – what next?

If you are looking for further advice or support on a lift, we encourage you to get in touch with us on
01508 493708 or email us at enquiries@genesislifts.co.uk