Lift Servicing in East Anglia

Our strategically placed field service teams, made up of experienced engineers, can provide lift servicing and maintenance solutions in East Anglia.

We pride ourselves on carrying out all routine service visit works with the utmost care and consideration to our customers' site and their staff. No job is too big or too small and we always aim to service as efficiently and as interruption-free as possible for all our customers throughout East Anglia including Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and parts of Essex and Lincolnshire.

Our lift service engineers are well-versed in all types, makes and models ranging from traditional passenger lifts, goods lifts, dumbwaiter lifts, scissor lifts and everything in-between. No matter the type of lift you have, a service engineer will be available to help.


We work with customers across all sectors such as: 

Whether your business is in these or any other industry, we are here to help keep your operations flowing.


Contact us now to find out how we can keep your lifts safe, reliable, and compliant.

Contact us now to find out how we can keep your lifts safe, reliable, and compliant.

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We Offer Various Types of Lift Servicing Contracts

  • Standard Service Contract - Phased routine service visits completed at pre-determined intervals.
  • Enhanced Service Contract - Phased routine service visits completed at pre-determined intervals with the addition of inclusive call-outs attendances, repair works, parts, and other specific customer requirements.
  • Caretaker Service Contact - Phased routine service visits completed with extended intervals between attendances. Perfect for keeping lifts safe and reliable within buildings in-between tenancies etc.
  • Our 24/7 Emergency callout service is provisioned for all customers across any type of service contract. 


How often does a lift need to be serviced?

To determine how frequently elevator servicing is required depends on many things such as the lifts physical location (interior or exterior), lift maintenance, the frequency of use through to things such as how crucial the lift is to the customer's operations. For example, a sole passenger elevator within a care home should be serviced more frequently than a suite of goods only lifts which received little use.


How long does a lift service take?

On average, a typical elevator service visit takes around an hour to complete however our team of lift engineers will work closely with our customers to ensure their lifts can be enabled for use quickly and safely should a crucial need arise.

Our lift maintenance programs are portioned into 'every visit' items and 'service phase' items. This means that each visit can address certain items/areas of the elevator, allowing for shorter maintenance visit times and in-turn less disruption to our customer's businesses operations.


On average how much is lift maintenance?

The cost of lift maintenance can start from a few hundred pounds per year. The number of lifts and how frequently they require servicing will of course increase this cost but we work closely with all our customer to ensure the correct servicing programme can be created for their individual requirements.

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