Lift Modernisation and Repairs in East Anglia.

Genesis Lifts offers a full range of lift repairs and elevator modernisation services. We use innovative and proven techniques to provide professional and reliable lift solutions for all your lift repair needs.

Our lift engineering services have worked with a variety of recognisable companies such as Kettle Food and The Norse Group. Find out more about Who We Work With.

Lift Repairs & Modernisation

  • Reactive emergency repairs
  • Proactive planned minor & major repairs
  • Partial modernisation
  • Full modernisation
  • Lift car refurbishment
  • Upgrading to meet The Equality Act 2010*
  • Upgrading to meet current safety regulations
  • Upgrading to enhance lift reliability and performance

Whether it's general repair, commercial repair, maintenance, insurance report recommendations, elevator interior refurbishment or major modernisation, we are on hand to help. From refurbishing your lifts to achieve a professional and modern look through to adding safety features and equipment required to comply with the current regulations, our lift modernisation solutions will cover all aspects.

We are a reliable elevator repair company carrying out commercial lift repair services with our qualified and knowledgeable field engineers. Our teams work with the utmost care and consideration to ensure the completion of the maintenance or repairs with minimal disruption and inconvenience.

We operate throughout East Anglia, including Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and parts of Essex and Lincolnshire.

If you have any questions please give our Norwich office a call on 01508 493 708 or our Cambridge office on 01223 636 810.

Regardless of how well a lift is maintained it is inevitable that at some point it will need to have repair works carried out to ensure it is safe, reliable and compliant. A faulty lift or lift component can compromise the integrity of the lift and lead to a long downtime. Our field engineer teams can help avoid situations like this by picking up on issues early during routine service visits and then proactively carrying out preventative repairs.

If you are experiencing an emergency and need an immediate lift repair, please visit our emergency callout page for more information.

Contact us now to find out how we can keep your lifts safe, reliable, and compliant.

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*The Equality Act 2010

Genesis Lifts can help determine whether a lift installation meets the current Equality Act 2010 requirements. The Equality Act 2010 (formerly the Disability Discrimination Act 2004) was introduced to ensure service providers make "reasonable adjustments" to the physical barriers to access in all buildings.

With this in mind Genesis Lifts are available to ensure your business operates in a complaint manner. Items such as ensuring your lift has a support handrail in the lift car at 900mm above the finished floor, clear signage/indication of lift locations, symbols in 'relief' (raised) on all operating buttons and so on should all be taken into consideration.

CONTACT US to get in touch or take a look at our FAQs PAGE if you have any questions.