Emergency lift repair: A bumpy ride

25th January 2023

The Client: A further Education College in Lowestoft

The Requirements: The client's lift was currently causing a bumpy ride for its passengers. This was a tell-tale sign for our repair team engineers that some of the equipment within the lift installation needed immediate repair. Worn components are inevitable with constant use and knowing when to contact your lift engineer is increasingly important.

Owners of the lift equipment are liable for making sure their lifts are checked regularly following LOLER. (Read the full article for more details)

At the first sign of wear and tear the College contacted our services team and the engineers found the bumpy performance was due to worn car guide rollers. Temporary adjustments were made to ensure the lift could be left in service, the necessary parts were promptly ordered and replaced.

The fitting of replacement car guide rollers improved ride quality and more importantly avoided a potential lift breakdown situation! If your lift’s ride quality is poor, it’s possible your lift could benefit from a similar repair.

Whether your business operates within healthcare, education, leisure/retail or any other industry, Genesis Lifts can help keep your lifts moving. Our service teams are strategically placed throughout East Anglia to make sure that all our clients can benefit from swift response times and efficient service. No matter the type of lift or the size of the repair our expert engineers will make sure the matter is resolved and regular routine service visits to ensure potential issues can be proactively rectified.


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